Vaginne® Ingredients

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Vaginne® Refreshing Intimate Gel contains patent active ingredients, includes 100% plant extract natural ylang ylang  essential oil.

Vaginne® Ingredients is used to treat infection of the vagina (bacterial vaginosis) caused by certain bacteria. By applying Vaginne® gel directly into the vagina, the patend active ingredients can kill the bacteria at the site of the infection and also prevent infection, odor, itching, dryness, burning and heat.

Vaginne® Patented Active Ingredients

  • Vaginne Patent: Inhibits bad bacteria, promotes the growth of good bacteria and maintains the balance of flora , raising the self-cleaning mechanism.
  • Anti-bacterial Peptide, Immuno Peptide: Inhibits bad bacteria, stimulates the body’s inmate immune system to kill
  • Natural Organic Acid: With anti-bacterial effect
  • Seaweed Extraction: High nutritional value and the extracted substances have certain inhibition or prevention effects on viruses and tumors
  • Hyluronic acid moisturises and repairs vaginal tissue: It has a unique moisturising effect, promotes nutrition absorption of the skin and the secretion of aging properties. It increases skin elasticity and promotes the regeneration of the injured skin
  • Probiotic Polysaccharide: Provides nutrients fo good bacteria
  • Vitamin E: Maintains the delicate balance of female hormones in the body and improves symptoms caused by hormonal deficiency
  • 100% Plant Extract Natural ylang ylang Essential Oil: Inhibits bacteria, calms, relaxes, soothes the state of emotion