Vaginne Benefits

Patented Technology

Vaginne® is the only patented product that can balance the microbes (promote friendly bacteria, inhibit bad bacteria) and enhance self-defense system in female reproductive system. Vaginne® Refreshing Intimate Gel enables every woman to experience narural cleanliness and comfort at her most intimate part. Vaginne® and natural plant essential oil keep you refreshed all day, flaunting that natural fragrance from inside out.

Benefits of Vaginne®

  • It enhance good bacteria and inhibit bad ones
  • Enhance self-cleaning and defense and reduce infection
  • Moisturizing and Tightening
  • Repairs cell, nourish the ovaries and restore elasticity
  • Improved sex life:
  • Refresh aroma, Pheromone execretion

Hey! 90% of users agree that Vaginne®

  • Effectively removes odor
  • Effectively control itching
  • Alleviate rediness and pain
  • Reduces vaginal discharge
  • Happy woman happy family

95% of users agree that Vaginne®

  • Is a powerful moisturizer that provides great comfort
  • Produces a tightening effect
  • Improve the quality of sexual intercourse
  • Gives relief to every woman before, during and after menstrual period

Vaginne Product Versus Anti-Biotic Product